Professional Activities

ARC staff are active participants in a range of scholarly communities and professional organizations. Below is a synopsis of the invited talks, presentations, and workshops led by ARC staff, conferences attended, and upcoming presentations.

July 2009

  • Ben Cooke attended the 2009 Summer Program on Psychometrics at SAMSI.

 February 2009

  • Ben Cooke attended the Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education at the Marriott Raleigh City Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Amanda Curtin and Donna Hall received a pilot grant from the Duke Center for Science Education for a proposed project titled: Cyber-learning: using technology to improve student learning in math and science courses.

January 2009

  • Amanda Curtin attended the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in Boston, MA.
  • Amanda Curtin and Donna Hall attended a talk by Dr. Bruce Alberts (Editor-in-Chief, Science Magazine) titled: "Making a Science Out of Science Education:  Strategies for Success in the Critical Enterprise for the World's Future".
November 2008
  • Ben Cooke presented a talk on the problem solving process on introductory calculus at the Second Annual Round Table Conference on Learning Services.

May 2008

  •  Amanda Curtin and Ben Cooke participated in the Duke Visual Studies Initiative workshop "Visual Thinking: How do Visual Communication Technologies Affect Learning and Knowledge Retention in the Sciences and Humanities?"

April 2008

  • Donna Hall and Amanda Curtin attended a seminar by James Pellegrino, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Psychology & Education Co-director, Learning Sciences Research Institute University of Illinois at Chicago Title: "From Research to Practice: Redesigning AP Science Courses to Promote Advanced Learning and Conceptual Understanding" sponsored by the Duke Center for Science Education.

March 2008

  • Donna Hall and Amanda Curtin attended the Duke Center for Instructional Technology’s “Tablet PC Discussion” where faculty using Tablet PC’s to teach shared strategies and outcomes. This served as an opportunity to gather information on the instructional uses of the Tablet PC in preparation for the ARC’s implementation of a new science learning community initiative to begin in Fall 2008.
  • Donna Hall attended the Duke Center for Instructional Technology’s “Effective Use of Student Groups.” This served as an opportunity to gather more information about the uses of instructional technology for small group learning in preparation for the ARC’s implementation of a new science learning community initiative to begin in Fall 2008.

January 2008

  • Donna Hall, Amanda Curtin, and Ben Cooke attended a seminar sponsored by Duke Center for Science Education. Guest Philip M. Sadler, PhD presented, "What Pays Off: Strategies for Optimal Science Learning from Middle School to College." Dr. Sadler’s research on factors influencing college science success informs the ARC’s current development of a math assessment survey to evaluate first year students’ high school math experiences and foundational knowledge. The survey may offer additional information for early identification of students needing supplementary academic support.
  • Ben Cooke led a T.A. training session for teaching assistant’s in the department of economics. Training was designed to improve academic support for students enrolled in Econ. 51.

December 2007

  • Jackie Ariail made a site visit to Harvard University’s Bureau of Study Counsel to learn more about the “Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies.” Dr. Ariail met with key staff to explore and discuss academic support options and strategies for Harvard and Duke undergraduates.

October 2007

  • Donna Hall attended the invitation only “Round-Table Conference on Learning Services at Highly Selective Colleges/Universities” at Harvard University’s Bureau of Study Counsel. Participants explored shared issues relating to student learning support and the provision of quality services based on best practices and current learning theory.
  • Amanda Curtin presented a workshop entitled ‘Supporting Science Learning: What are the Benchmarks for Success?’ at the 32nd Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network Conference, William Penn Omni Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Francie Sweet attended the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA): A Focus on Learning conference in Portland, Oregon.

June 2007

  • Lindsay Hiatt attended the Postsecondary Disability Training Institute in Saratoga Springs, NY, June 12-15.

April 2007

  • Francie Sweet attended the Association for the Tutoring Professions (ATP): The Magic of Learning conference in Orlando, Florida

February 2007

  • Amanda Curtin attended Podcast Academy V, an international conference held at the John Hope Franklin Center, Duke University.

January 2007

  • Amanda Curtin and Ahrash Bissell presented a talk at an Academic Advisor Training session entitled ‘What happens after your referral to the Academic Skills Instructional Program?’ The talk centered on how the ARC works with students in problem-solving courses like chemistry, mathematics, and biology, including assessment, strategies for conceptual learning, and more.

September 2006

  • Amanda Curtin attended the NCSU 2nd annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning showcase.

May 2006

  • Donna Hall presented at “Enriching the Academic Experience of College Science Students,” University of Michigan, May 2006, “Who are we trying to help: A framework for understanding the nature of academically vulnerable college learners and implications for practice.”
  • Ahrash Bissell presented at “Enriching the Academic Experience of College Science Students - Conference in Ann Arbor, MI. May, 2006, "Developing Higher-Order Academic Skills for College Science Students."

April 2006

  • Donna Hall and Ahrash Bissell presented at CIT Showcase at Duke. April, 2006. Poster: "Targeting out-of-classroom experiences: Using technology to teach students how to learn more effectively."

March 2006

  • Jackie Ariail attended a conference for college support staff, administrators and professionals focusing on "Students with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism and Related Conditions Attending College," co-sponsored by the Child Study Center at the Yale University School of Medicine and the University of Connecticut.
  • Ahrash Bissell attended the regional meeting of Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities (SENCER).

February 2006

  • Publication: Bissell, Ahrash N. and Paula P. Lemons. 2006. A new method for assessing critical thinking in the classroom. Bioscience 56(1): 66-72. Presented at Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faire at Western Carolina U., NC. Feb, 2006.
  • Jackie Ariail attended the Southeastern Writing Center Association conference entitled, "Let's Research: Gathering Evidence to Support Writing Center Work," co-hosted by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Fall 2005
  • Donna Hall presented “Scientific literacy: the relationship between language and learning.” Duke Consortium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  • Donna Hall presented “Understanding student learning problems: What you can do.” Preparing Future Faculty Program.
  • Donna Hall, Ahrash Bissell, and Francie Sweet made a site visit to Northwestern University Gateways Science Workshop Program site. Chicago, IL. The purpose of this visit was to investigate Northwestern’s peer-led science learning program and explore possible applications at Duke.
  • Donna Hall and Ahrash Bissell attended the Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities (SENCER) - Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA. August, 2005. Member of a team from the ARC, Duke Biology, Duke Writing Program, Duke Computer Science, and the Graduate School to engage in scholarship and plan activities related to learning and teaching at Duke.
  • Ahrash Bissell and Donna Hall attended the 1st Annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Showcase in Raleigh, NC. Sept, 2005.
  • Donna Hall Teaching Ideas: Instructional Development for Excellence and Success, “Evaluating Critical Thinking,” Ed Neal, The Center for Teaching and Learning, UNC-Chapel Hill, fall 2005.
  • Donna Hall attended a workshop, “A Practical Approach for Designing Effective and Innovative Courses” presented by Dr. Barbara Tewksbury for the Center for Instructional Technology at Duke.
  • Francie Sweet attended the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA): Honoring our Past-Guiding our Future conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • John Blackshear attended the Center On Postsecondary Education and Disability Training Institute; Portland, Maine
  • John Blackshear attended the Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD: An Integrated Model, Richmond, VA
  • John Blackshear attended the Treatment of Specific Learning Disabilities: Students Beyond High School, Orlando, FL