Academic Skills

Academic SkillsStrategies for smart students
The Academic Skills Instructional Program (ASIP) offers individual appointments to help you develop effective and efficient academic skills and strategies. Duke is an exciting and challenging place to learn—the opportunities for you to grow and achieve are present everywhere, in and outside of the classroom. To take real advantage of those opportunities, you will need to develop a wide range of approaches and skills and know when to apply them. The ASIP can help you develop those skills so that you can harness your academic potential to reach your goals.

In addition to individual appointments, the ASIP also offers special programming including group learning opportunities, dorm review sessions, and special workshops.

Our staff includes specialists in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.  

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Making an appointment

Think you don’t have time for an appointment?  Think again.  A one-hour academic skills appointment may save you many hours of time that would otherwise be wasted in inefficient, ineffective study (or procrastination).  Working with a specialist to learn how you learn best is time well spent.