Math and Quantitative Studies

Studying mathematics at Duke is likely to be different in important ways from the math courses you took in high school.  You will be expected to go beyond learning facts, formulas, or how to solve a certain type of problem.  To succeed, you will need to gain a solid understanding of the concepts underlying problems, and be able to reason your way through a new problem from set-up to solution.

A learning specialist at the Academic Resource Center can help you develop new skillls and strategies for learning math at Duke.  Solving challenging problems can be done, and can be exciting and satisfying!

To schedule an individual math consultation, call (919) 684-5917.

Additional Resources Math Support at Duke Your Professor, Teaching Assistant, or Lab Assistant

Your math teachers can be among your best resources for assistance outside of class. Math 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L instructors work in the help room where they are readily available to assist students on a regular basis. Instructors will also typically schedule appointments to meet with students individually as needed. Consult your syllabus or the Math Department Web site for information about your professor's contact information and policies. You can also find his or her office address, phone number, and e-mail address through the online Duke phone directory.

Math Help Rooms

Math help rooms are provided by the Math Department and offer free drop-in assistance to students in introductory mathematics courses.  Help rooms are staffed by teachers and lab assistants for Duke Math courses or by qualified tutors hired by the Math Department. For an hour-by-hour schedule of operation and staffing click here.

Peer Tutoring Program

Tutoring is routinely offered in Math 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L, 122L, and 212.  For more information on requesting a tutor or the peer tutoring program, click here.

Private Tutoring

The Math Department maintains a list of graduate and undergraduate students who wish to serve as private tutors. Tutoring is available for most mathematics courses.  By putting the name of an individual on the list, the Math Department is not endorsing or recommending that individual; they simply check to see that the person's transcript includes adequate math courses for the material in which he or she proposes to tutor students.  Tutoring is available for most  Duke Math courses.  Note that if you hire a private tutor, the price must be negotiated by you and the prospective tutor.  Note that if you hire a private tutor, the price must be negotiated by you and the prospective tutor.