Faculty Tips

Faculty/Staff - Teaching Students with Learning Disorders 

The Program for Students with Disabilities provide services that are intended to enable students with diagnosed learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder to enhance their ability to take advantage of the full range of learning opportunities available to all Duke students.  There are three primary objectives:
  1. Improve students functioning in the classroom via appropriate classroom interventions
  2. Promote students development of self-knowledge and self-management skills through individualized counseling and instruction
  3. Reduce students' dependency on classroom interventions over time by developing compensatory strategies that will also prepare them to meet life demands beyond their time at Duke.
Some Students Self Identify

Students with a disability need to develop independence, self-advocacy skills, and learn to take responsibility in identifying themselves and their need for accommodation to you. They need to learn how to explain their disability, describe their needs, and negotiate appropriate accommodation.
Legally, students have a right NOT to be identified as disabled, if they so choose, but they will not get interventions unless they identify themselves and register with the Academic Resource Center. This is also their choice. For some students, it is difficult to have to identify yourself, time after time, as being "different", especially for the student whose disability is invisible.

Instructor Letter

Once the student has presented documentation and it has been reviewed by our office, a confidential letter of notification will be to sent you outlining the interventions the student is eligible to receive. The student is then responsible for discussing the implementation of the interventions with you.  This letter verifies that the student is eligible for interventions in your class.  The nature of their disability is not disclosed.