Faculty/Staff - Making Referrals

Many students will notify their instructor of a diagnosed learning disability prior to seeking support services at the university. If this happens, please feel free to refer your student to the Academic Resource Center to be evaluated for formal academic support services.  The Student Disability Access Office is another office on campus which provides accommodations for students with diagnosed disabilities (including psychological, physical, etc.) under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

You can also refer students who have not indicated having been diagnosed with a learning disability, but whom you might suspect have learning differences. We will conduct a thorough learning styles assessment and clinical screen to determine if the student should work with a skills instructor in our office and/or be referred for formal psychological testing.

To make a referral please e-mail or call Donna Hall, Director at 684-5917. You may also encourage your student to call the Academic Resource Center directly at 684-5917 to schedule a clinical screening appointment.

Below are examples of behaviors that might prompt you to make a referral to the Academic Resource Center:

  • Difficulty with reading comprehension
  • Very slow reading rate
  • Problems with written expression
  • Trouble with organization and time management
  • Problems with computation and arithmetic concepts
  • Inattentive or disengaged in class
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge verbally much better that written (or vice versa)
  • Works and takes exams very slowly (often does not complete tests in allotted time)
  • Appears easily distracted by others
  • Trouble with memory recall or lacks adequate detail of remembered material
  • Any other learning difference that you might perceive as having a significant impact on a student's performance