New Students:

Students who wish to request support through the Program for Students with Disabilities should contact the Academic Resource Center to schedule an appointment with the PSD Learning Specialist, Reed Culver, for an initial screening. Prior to this meeting, students should submit any documentation to support the request for services. Please note that documentation that is >3 years old will not be accepted and those students should be retested to evaluate their current abilities by a qualified professional.

Following the initial screening, students will be scheduled for an academic skills assessment while the psycho-educational documentation is evaluated. The learning specialist will evaluate the student’s current level of academic skills and suggest areas of instruction that will benefit the student’s development of compensatory strategies. Upon completion of this meeting, students will have a meeting with Reed Culver to notify them of their eligibility. If a student is found eligible, (s)he will be given a list of recommended classroom and academic interventions for the current semester. These interventions and other supports are then tailored for each student based on current course demands, results of the academic skills assessment, and clinical documentation.

The process of determining appropriate supports and interventions may take a couple of weeks. It is very important that students attend all meetings with staff scheduled during this process. Missed appointments will delay the process of determining appropriate academic supports.

New and Returning Students-

Once eligibility is determined students are expected to:

  • Students must request interventions each semester through the PSD. Eligibility is reviewed annually.
  • Read and follow GUIDELINES and NEWSLETTER for requesting and implementing academic interventions.
  • Comply with all deadline requests in order to receive the full benefits of our services.
  • Comply with all support service recommendations provided by the ARC professional staff.
  • Notify their instructors of their intention to use academic interventions in a timely manner allowing at least one week for implementation to take place.
  • Employ interventions as they were intended. Any misuse of interventions could lead to service suspension or revocation of eligibility.