Available Courses

Courses with Tutors Available for Fall 2016 (limited course offerings during summer terms):

(See Eligibility requirements for Chem 101, 201, 202, and Econ 101.)

Last day to request a tutor for Fall 2016 - November 11  (Last day for Summer Term II - August 1)

 Chemistry 101DL*  Core Concepts in Chemistry
 Chemistry 110DL  Honors Chemistry
 Chemistry 201DL*  Organic Chemistry
 Chemistry 202L  Organic Chemistry
 Computer Sci. 101  Intro. to Computers
 Computer Sci. 201  Data Structures/Algorithms
 Economics 101*  Economic Principles
 Economics 201D  Intermediate Economics I
 Engineering 103L  Computational Methods/Engr.
 Engineering 201L  Mechanics of Solids
 Foreign Languages  Course Numbers 101-204
 Mathematics 105L  Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
 Mathematics 106L  Laboratory Calculus and Functions II
 Mathematics 111L  Laboratory Calculus I
 Mathematics 112L  Laboratory Calculus II
 Mathematics 122L  One Variable Calculus
 Mathematics 202  Multivariable Calculus for Economics
 Mathematics 212**  Multivariable Calculus
 Mathematics 216**  Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
 Physics 141L  General Physics I
 Physics 142L  General Physics II
 Physics 151L  Intro. to Mechanics
 Physics 152L  Intro. to Electric, Magnet, Optics
  • Services are free and first come, first served to all currently enrolled undergraduate students
  • Students are matched with a tutor for weekly, individual sessions
  • Tutorial services begin after add/drop period and end on the last day of classes
  • *Restricted Course - Must score 5 points below class mean on first exam to qualify for tutor
  • **Study group for currently enrolled undergraduate students
  • No tutorial services on Labor Day (Sept. 5) or Fall and Thanksgiving Break (Oct. 7-12 and Nov. 22-28)