Available Courses

Courses with Tutors Available for SPRING 2015:

(See Eligibility requirements for Chem 101, 201, 202, and Econ 101.)

 Chemistry 101DL  Core Concepts in Chemistry
 Chemistry 110DL  Honors Chemistry
 Chemistry 201DL  Organic Chemistry
 Chemistry 202L  Organic Chemistry
 Computer Sci. 101  Intro. to Computers
 Computer Sci. 201  Data Structures/Algorithms
 Economics 101  Economic Principles
 Economics 201D  Intermediate Economics I
 Engineering 103L  Computational Methods/Engr.
 Engineering 201L  Mechanics of Solids
 Foreign Languages  Course Numbers 101-204
 Mathematics 105L  Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
 Mathematics 106L  Laboratory Calculus and Functions II
 Mathematics 111L  Laboratory Calculus I
 Mathematics 112L  Laboratory Calculus II
 Mathematics 122L  One Variable Calculus
 Mathematics 202  Multivariable Calculus for Economics
 Mathematics 212  Multivariable Calculus
 Mathematics 216  Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
 Physics 141L  General Physics I
 Physics 142L  General Physics II
 Physics 151L  Intro. to Mechanics
 Physics 152L  Intro. to Electric, Magnet, Optics