How to Get a Tutor

  • You may only apply for ONE tutor each semester [see Eligibility requirements for Chem and Econ].
  • You may only apply for a second tutor if it is for a foreign language, or you qualify for a second tutor through our Program for Students with Disabilities.
  • Complete and submit the appropriate tutor application online.
  • Print out the Tutor Instructor Referral Form. (CHROME browser will print using lots of toner!)
  • Have your Professor or TA sign the request form, and bring this form to Room 211 of The Academic Resource Center, Academic Advising Center Building on East Campus  (MAP)
  • You will then be assigned a tutor who will contact you.
Online application for a tutor:  

NOTE: If you do not return the signed Tutor Request Form, you will not be matched with a tutor.

If you have not heard from your tutor within a week or for any other concerns, please contact