Math Study Groups

The Academic Resource Center offers Study Groups for the following Math courses in Spring 2017:

  • 106L Laboratory Calculus with Functions II
  • 112L Laboratory Calculus II
  • 212 Multivariable Calculus
  • 216D Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • 353 ODE and PDE



 353/112L  Monday, May 1st 5:15-6:45  Hudson Hall 139  Lizzy Huang and Carter Rhea
 216D/212  Tuesday, May 2nd 12:15-1:45  Hudson Hall 222  Matthew Tedesco and Carter Rhea
 106L  Tuesday, May 1st 2:00-3:30pm  Academic Advising 219  Ben Cooke

Before finals week:

 105L/106L  Tuesdays 1:30pm-2:30pm  Academic Advising 219  Ben Cooke
 106L  Mondays 5-6pm  Carr 136  Sandra Batakana and Sarah Gregorich
 106L  Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am  Academic Advising 219  Ben Cooke
 112L  Mondays 7-8pm  CANCELED after 3/6  Lizzy Huang
 112L  Tuesdays 5-6pm  Carr 137  Matthew Tedesco and Sarah Gregorich
 112L  Thursdays noon-1pm  Physics 299  Katie Taylor and Carter Rhea
 212  Mondays 7-8pm  Hudson Hall 201  Gerry Chen
 212  Wednesdays 5-6pm  CANCELED after 3/8  Charles Lu
 212  Fridays noon-1pm  Hudson Hall 222  Karen Young and Carter Rhea
 216D/353  Mondays 6-7pm  Hudson Hall 201  Carter Rhea and Gerry Chen
 216D  Tuesdays 6-7  Carr 137  Matthew Tedesco
 216D  Wednesdays 5-6pm  CANCELED after 2/22  Lizzy Huang
 353/216D  Mondays 6-7pm  Hudson Hall 201  Carter Rhea and Gerry Chen
 353  Wednesdays 6-7pm  Physics 299  Lizzy Huang

Matthew Tedesco

Matthew Tedesco

I am currently a graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering/Material Science department.  I am originally from the East Bay in California, and when I am not researching or taking classes I love to play music with various organizations on campus.  As a tutor I like to look at more than just the expressions and equations on the page and ask "why?"  I believe that by answering these questions you build a more fundamental understanding of the material you are learning which will help you throughout your studies.

Sandra Batakana

My name is Sandra Martha Batakana, a sophomore at Duke. I was born in Eastern Uganda, but went to high school for two years in the UK where I earned my IB Diploma. I am double majoring in Chemistry with a double major in Biology and Global Health. I look forward to going to medical school, with an ultimate goal of being a neurosurgeon. I love cooking and dancing. On campus, I am involved with Duke Global Neurosurgery and Neuroscience (DGNN) as a Bass Connections Student, The Penny Pilgram George Women’s Leadership Cohort, DukeAFRICA, Minority Association for Premedical Students (MAPS), Black Students Association among others. Fun fact. I am the only Ugandan undergraduate on campus. Teaching is one of my passions. My philosophy is; tutoring is like a candle; one can use it to light up so many more candles and have a better glow of knowledge. I struggled a lot in Math but my aim was to challenge the myth that “Duke Math is Hard” and that is why I am here to help you overcome such myths.