B.E.A.M. - Biology. Engagement. Academics. Mentorship.

B.E.A.M. Biology Engagement Academics Mentorship Biology Engagement Academics Mentorship (B.E.A.M.) program is offered by the Academic Resource Center  to give students currently enrolled in Biology 201, 202 and 203 additional learning and study options within a learning community. These include: Virtual Peer Facilitated Learning Communities and Learning Consultations. 

Learning Communities - Peer Facilitated

One-hour study groups that are facilitated by students who did well in the biology course in previous semesters. You will have an opportunity to review, ask questions on earlier problem sets, and prepare for weekly quizzes and exams.  We are offering study groups for Bio 202 for Summer Session II.  Sign up here

Where:  Virtual Learning Communities via Zoom
When:   Time determined by Peer Educator and group members
What:    Structured groups of students assigned to a Peer Facilitator, go over weekly problem sets from coursework, sign-up information available at the beginning of the semester

Learning Consultations 

Learning consultations are available for virtual meetings for additional work on managing academics, stress with Bio courses, time management, and more. You can make an appointment online. 

Where: Virtual Learning Consultations
When:  Appointments can be made online for a time that fits your schedule
What:   Help with management of academics and stress with Biology courses, time management, and more!

Other resources

The Biology department has drop-in hours for Biology 201 and 202. Contact your professor for more information. 


Please contact Andrea Marritt with questions.

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