Biology 202 Study Groups

BIO 202L Study Group Program 

The Sunday Night Peer Study groups for Bio 202L are one hour study groups facilitated by previous BIO 202L students.  Participants work in small groups, and each week the group members go over problem sets and prepare for quizzes and exams. The peer facilitators oversee the study groups, and meet weekly with the ARC Learning Specialist, Tanya Duncan, to discuss course material and strategies for effective group learning.

Participation in the program has been high with 37% (48/129) and 29% (116/399) of BIO 202L students joining the program in fall 2017 and spring 2018, respectively.  (Study Group registration is closed for this semester). 

Student comments about BIO 202L study groups:

"It was great to be able to witness other perspectives from my own, and it really helped to be able to talk through doubts or questions with my peers (because they are learning the material as well). I felt that my facilitator was very encouraging at all times and contributed to the success of this group. Being able to logically work through questions I had doubts on and being able to answer questions my peers had doubts on themselves increased my confidence in the course.”

“It was very interactive, and it was good to know peers in Bio 202.”

"We were able to explain tough concepts to each other and get personal attention and work through and really look into the details of each specific question and its answers. I got more used to the pattern of recognizing how answers are right or wrong. I also learned when to apply which specific equations or problem-solving strategies to use in particular scenarios when answering questions."