Sakai Information

A great way to inform students about the ARC is on your Sakai course site. Below are images you are invited to post on your Sakai page, along with the accompanying text. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information! 

Image of Graph with text: Did you know you forget 50% of what you learn ing 24 hours? Image with Text: My brain has too many tabs open!
Text to be added to course Sakai page:

Fall is here! Whether you are arriving at Duke for the first time or returning from your summer, this is a great time to make a plan for a strong start to the semester. Identify what your courses will be expecting for the semester, develop a time management strategy, or review your study and note-taking strategies. Use resources like the Academic Resource Center to assist you with reaching your semester academic goals. Visit the ARC today and get ahead before you get behind!