Intro To Zoom

Mar 13, 2020

Getting Started with Zoom


We know you've been hearing a lot about Zoom right now. Here are some first steps to get started! 


  1. Go to and Sign In (the third link on the page) to Zoom using your NetID and passcode.

  2. Prior to your first class or meeting, view these helpful instructions from Duke. 

In particular:
  1. Prepare your device, install Zoom software, and set up your profile preferences.
  2. Check out Zoom tutorial videos (such as the one below) to become more comfortable with its format.

If you are planning or organizing a Zoom meeting, the following Zoom instructional video is especially helpful. Below are highlights and suggestions (with time stamp) from the video to help you navigate the information.

Highlights and Suggestions (with Time Stamp)
  1. Setting up your profile (5:02)

    Make sure your time zone is set to your local time zone!

  2. Customize Default Settings (6:26)

    Meeting settings (8:26)

  3. Scheduling Meetings (10:17)
  4. Hosting online meetings (17:50) 

    Audio & Video controls (18:06)

  • Speaker view vs. Gallery view (Brady Bunch)
  • Managing participants (20:33)
  • You can make someone else the host if you need to leave but everyone else wants to continue​​​​

Sharing your screen (22:44)

  • You can control only sharing one document/app – make sure to have it open before clicking “Share”
  • SHOW file (on your screen) vs. SHARE file (sending to participants in chat)

In-meeting chats/tutorial questions/file sharing (24:52)

  1. Best Practices (26:49)
  • Make sure your zoom is always, or the application.
  • To Participate, click the link in the email/invitation 
  • To Host, open the meeting via your zoom account via to make sure you’re the host. 


Download the Zoom guide here