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Below are a series of articles, tools and links to help you maximize your academic capabilities. These include materials generated by Learning Consultants at the ARC, as well as non-Duke experts. Using the menu below, you may filter this material to view information on the following topics:


The benefits of a good night's sleep

May 31, 2017

Let’s Begin… It’s 4am, and the big test is in 8 hours. You’ve been studying for days, but you still don’t feel ready. Should you drink another cup of coffee and spend the next few hours cramming? Or should you go to sleep? Shai Marcu defends the latter option, showing how sleep restructures... read more »

Memory & Review

May 30, 2017

We forget about 50% of new material within 24 hours. The figure below illustrates how quickly we forget the majority of new material encountered. What follows are techniques for increasing memory retention. Basic Principals of Review   Immediate Review    Rework your notes—adding material that... read more »

How long is short-term memory? Shorter than you might think.

Apr 13, 2017

When I (or any cognitive psychologist) refer to “short-term memory”, we’re talking about memory that lasts for 15-30 seconds. Not minutes, not a day, not a few weeks. Just 15-30 seconds. This differs quite drastically from the way people commonly use the term “short-term memory”. Have you... read more »

How Extended Time on Tests Helped Improve More Than Just Test Scores

Jan 01, 2017

This nightmare might sound familiar to you: You walk into an exam. You sit down. You stare at the sheets of paper in front of you as you listen to people scribble answers to questions that you yourself have no idea how to answer. You can... read more »