Learning Online

Learning is always an adaptive, nimble process. Right now, more than ever. This year requires everyone to be flexible, and the ARC is here to work with you to make your learning experience the best it can possibly be.

It's important to know what learning looks like for you when you are at your best, and then being able to replicate the key elements of your learning process, regardless of the circumstances. This will look different for everyone - we are all unique learners. Below are ways the ARC can support you this semester.

Learning Consultations

Learning consultations are flexible and designed by you to fit your needs and experience. How long and how often we meet is entirely up to you, and you determine what you want to accomplish. You can make an appointment online here.

Tutoring & Learning Communities

Peer tutoring and learning communities are happening online. Check out the summer information here.

Study Connect

Use Study Connect to help you find other students in your classes who are interested in forming virtual study groups. You can also find students interested in silent Zoom study sessions and preparing for the GRE.

Testing Center

The Testing Center will be operating in a limited capacity. See the Testing Center website for more information and updates.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or uncertainties. We can help you make sense of the changes and challenges you may experience in your academic life right now. We continue to be here for you.