For Parents

How We Can Help

The Academic Resource Center works with undergraduate students to facilitate a comprehensive approach to their learning. We provide them with an environment and resources to allow them to develop into the individuals and scholars they want to be.  

Our goal is for every student to gain a stronger understanding of how they learn, and to be able to apply that knowledge to their academic experience at Duke.

Our students come from all over the world, from a diversity of experiences, and study in many fields and majors. What connects all of them is a desire to succeed at Duke. We facilitate this desire and their growth by working with them to find ways to manage their time, interpret the materials they are studying, be prepared for exams, identify and use resources, and get more out of their classroom experience.

Throughout our website, you can find more details about what we do and the services we offer.

What You Can Do

As a parent, we know you are absolutely invested in your student’s education. Likely, you know more than anyone what your maturing child needs to succeed as a college student.

This is a time your daughter or son is discovering new perspectives, learning new strategies and skills, and developing new confidence. We understand you are concerned, curious, excited about your student’s progress during their time at Duke. We encourage you to talk with your student about their experiences – ask them what’s working well and what they might find challenging.  

We are limited in our capacity to work with parents directly, but we look upon parents as critical members of the student’s support team. You sharing what you have learned here may give them the knowledge and confidence to stop by our offices to set up a meeting with a learning consultant, or find a peer tutor or study group.