Preparing for Finals

Nov 26, 2019


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TimelineBefore the Final: Prepare

KNOW THE EXAM: the content, format, and % of final course grade DISCONNECT: limit distractions (social media, texting, emails, Netflix). decrease work hours, say NO when needed

STUDY EFFECTIVELY: make a study plan, review previous exams, take a practice exam under exam conditions, explain concepts to others, study in 50 minute blocks, use resources, overlearn material

FIND AN APPROPRIATE SPACE TO STUDY: quiet and free from distractions

STAY HEALTHY: exercise, take study breaks, avoid stressful people, limit junk food/stimulants, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water

On the Day of the Final:

GET READY: be well-rested, dress comfortably, eat a light breakfast, bring exam materials

GET SET: arrive early, use restroom before exam starts, take deep breaths, think positively, be excited to demonstrate your learning GO: read directions carefully, write down key concepts at the top of the exam, start with what you know, double check your answers

After the Final:

CELEBRATE! now is the time to relax; watch your favorite Netflix show, eat some HeavBuffs or your favorite food, and prepare for the holidays

Download the Final Preparation Sheet and calendar here! 
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