SAGE Position Descriptions

SAGE Peer Facilitator

The STEM Advancement through Group Engagement (SAGE) program aims to develop small-group communities focused on a team-based learning model. SAGE Peer Facilitators will lead learning communities of approximately 6-10 students in weekly sessions to review learning strategies and application of content from topics presented in lecture. They will use pedagogical techniques to guide the group learning experience and support the participants with structured learning exercises, study strategies and overall course support. SAGE programs are available for courses in multiple STEM departments including: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Economics.

A successful SAGE Peer Facilitator will:

  • Be comfortable with the course material 
  • Learn educational theory and pedagogical techniques
  • Implement a team-based learning model similar to those used in medical training programs
  • Hone their observation and inter-personal skills

Time Commitment:

  • Peer Facilitators receive $16/hour for the 3-4 hours/week commitment. In this time, facilitators will:
    • Facilitate 1 or 2 communities each week 
    • Allot one hour of preparation time per course to develop a session plan
    • Attend a mandatory weekly staff meeting
    • Complete and submit weekly feedback on the session(s) as well as attendance records
    • Communicate with program staff any student concerns, questions of boundaries, etc.
  • Additional paid time commitments throughout the semester will include 3-4 professional development opportunities.


SAGE Lead Peer Facilitator

More experienced Peer Facilitators (have already worked for SAGE or Peer Tutoring at least one semester) may apply to be a SAGE Lead Peer Facilitator. There is one lead facilitator for certain SAGE courses. Their job responsibilities will include the following (in addition to the base responsibilities outlined above):

  • Communicate with all peer facilitators for the course to determine session plans for each week
  • Serve as a point person for their course to communicate any ideas, questions or concerns with the Academic Resource Center Peer Education staff
  • Observe 1 SAGE session per peer facilitator for their course and provide constructive feedback
  • Operate as main point of contact for peer facilitator concerns for their course, including:
    • Clarification of course requirements
    • Questions pertaining to attendance and data management
    • Basic payroll questions
    • Suggestions for best use of prep time
  • Lead peer facilitators will be paid $16.50 per hour and can be compensated up to 6 hours per week

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work begin performed by individuals assigned to this classification. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required of personnel so classified.

Job Requirements:

SAGE Peer Facilitators must:

  • Have taken courses in that subject area (or have a major within the subject)
  • Be available for all determined times for SAGE, weekly staff meetings, and professional development events

Lead Peer Facilitators must also:

  • Have at least one semester of experience with Duke Peer Education (SAGE or Peer Tutoring)