Become a SAGE Facilitator

The Academic Resource Center at Duke University is identifying successful and talented STEM students to serve as facilitators for a unique study group program called SAGE.

SAGE is recognized by academic deans and STEM faculty at Duke as a premier program for highly motivated students with a strong interest in STEM learning at Duke. SAGE is successful in part because of the quality of our facilitators who bring knowledge, insight, empathy, and strong inter-personal skills to their work with their peers.

Successful facilitator applicants will have the opportunity to:

  • Lead small group learning in specific STEM courses
  • Learn educational theory and pedagogical techniques
  • Implement a team-based learning model similar to those used in medical training programs
  • Hone their observation and inter-personal skills (very marketable skills)

Former SAGE Facilitators have gone on to medical school, Teach for America, and STEM teaching positions at private high schools.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Meet with 1-2 groups of 4-6 students on a weekly basis for 1 hour
  • Participate in a 1 hour weekly facilitator meeting with your facilitator cohort
  • Earn $14 per hour for weekly learning community meetings
  • Maximum total time commitment 4 hours per week
  • Serve as an integral member of the support team for each SAGE student
  • Become a leader in this prestigious STEM learning community
  • For Fall 2021, a select number of students will serve as Lead Peer Facilitators for SAGE

Students interested in becoming a SAGE Lead Peer Facilitator or running learning communities as a Peer Facilitator for any of our SAGE disciplines please fill out the interest form by July 16th.  We are especially in need of Peer Facilitators for Bio 202 and Chem 201.

Interested in becoming a SAGE Peer Facilitator? Contact Andrea Marritt ( for SAGE - Chem, SAGE - Bio, SAGE- Biochem and SAGE- ECON or Suzanne Crifo ( for SAGE - Math and SAGE - Physics.