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Testing Center Procedure

The flowchart below outlines the steps involved in having an exam proctored by the Testing Center.

Testing Center Procedure Flow Chart PDF

The Testing Center functions as a resource for you to administer exams to students who qualify for our services. Students who qualify include:

  • Students granted testing accommodations by SDAO.
  • Students granted temporary test-taking supports by the ARC.
  • Students who need to complete make-up exams due to an approved absence.

You are not obligated to use the Testing Center to provide accommodations, test-taking supports, or make-up exams. You may choose to provide accommodations, test-taking supports, or make-up exams for students on your own. If you choose to use the Testing Center to provide any of these services it is critical that you communicate this decision to your students in your syllabi. While best practice is to make this decision at the beginning of a semester and for the duration of the class, it is acceptable to decide to use our services mid-way through the term.

We ask you to include one of these three Syllabus Statements in a visible location in your syllabus.

Instructor's Responsibilities

1.  Review and respond to student booking requests promptly. 

2.  Title your exams consistently across your syllabi and files. This will minimize confusion and errors.

3.  Exams must be uploaded no later than 2 business days before the first testing appointment. 

  • Upload your exams as early as possible, but no later than the deadline.
  • If the exam is not uploaded 2 business days before the testing appointment, the Testing Center will cancel the student’s appointment and direct the student to you.  You will then be responsible for administering the appropriate testing accommodations. 
  •  You will receive reminder emails. Please ensure these are not going to your spam/junk folder. 

4.  If you decided to use the Testing Center for your course and the beginning of the semester and communicated this in your syllabi, you are not obligated to provide accommodations to students who have not scheduled an appointment at the Testing Center within the required time-frame.

5.  If you are not using the Testing Center, you are obligated to provide accommodations to students who have made requests in a timely manner.

The SDAO explains to their students that it is unreasonable to send the Professor Accommodation Letter the night before a quiz, test, or exam and expect that testing accommodations can be arranged. At least a minimum of one week’s notice, prior to a quiz, test, or exam, should allow enough time to make the necessary arrangements. For questions regarding these deadlines, please contact SDAO


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