Become a Tutor

Why Be A Tutor?

Tutoring is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs on campus. The satisfaction making a difference in someone's academic life is enormous. Tutoring also is a great way to hone your own knowledge of a subject.

The hours are flexible since the tutor arranges the meeting times and days with the tutee.

Undergraduate tutors earn $12/hour and Graduate students earn $14/hour.


You are eligible if you are a Duke Undergraduate or Graduate student currently enrolled at Duke. You must also meet the following criteria for the course(s) you wish to tutor:

  • Duke Undergraduate students must have taken the course at Duke and received a grade of "B+" or better 
  • Duke Graduate students must have taken the course at Duke or at another institution, and received a grade of "B+" or better

For the subjects and courses we cover, see Available Courses

To see what courses we are currently recruiting for, check here.

Steps to Become a Tutor

New Tutors

  1. Fill out and print a tutor application
  2. Bring your completed application to your scheduled Interview.
  3. Have a faculty member provide a recommendation for you. Recommendations can arrive AFTER your interview.

If hired, you will be required to attend a mandatory peer tutor orientation and two professional development trainings. Please check the dates here for the the upcoming tutor orientation and trainings.

Returning Tutors

  • If you have submitted your intent to return this Fall or Spring, you do not need to reapply.
  • If you have not submitted your intent to return as a tutor, you must submit your completed Matching Sheet and contract.  Tutors that submit a Matching Sheet after this deadline will be placed on our Tutor Waitlist. If there is a need for additional tutors, within your subject area after recruitment has been completed, we will contact you.