Become a Peer Tutor

Why Be A Peer Tutor?

Tutoring is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs on campus.  Some benefits of becoming a Peer Tutor are:

  • Earn your CRLA Tutor Certification which is nationally recognized by all colleges
  • Professional development trainings
  • Connect with other students and make a difference in their academic life
  • Hone your own knowledge of a subject
  • Create your own flexible schedule
  • Undergraduate tutors earn $12/hour and Graduate students earn $14/hour


You are eligible if you are a Duke Undergraduate or Graduate student currently enrolled at Duke. You must also meet the following criteria for the course(s) you wish to tutor:

  • Duke Undergraduate students must have taken the course at Duke and received a grade of "B+" or better 
  • Duke Graduate students must have taken the course at Duke or at another institution, and received a grade of "B+" or better
  • SUMMER 2020 EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY:  Must currently reside and work in North Carolina

For the subjects and courses we cover, see Available Courses

To see what courses we are currently recruiting for, check here.

Steps to Become a Tutor

New Tutors

  1. Complete and save your tutor application.
  2. Schedule your Zoom interview.
  3. Have a copy of your completed application ready and available to share during your interview.
  4. Have a faculty member provide a recommendation for you. Recommendations can arrive AFTER your interview.

If hired, you will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and attend two professional development trainings each semester. Please check the dates here for the the upcoming tutor orientation and trainings.

Returning Tutors

  • Ensure that you are still on Duke payroll, have access to Sakai, and access to Piazza. It is likely that you will find instructions to return within the Sakai Announcements.
  • If you do not have access to Duke payroll or have access to Sakai, email your interest in returning.