Steps To Get A Tutor

  1. Check and see if peer tutoring is available for the course you are taking
  2. If it is, then complete and submit the tutor application form
  3. Print out the Peer Tutor Request form
  4. Bring your Peer Tutor Request form to Room 211 of The Academic Resource Center (timestamp and place in Tutor Request box)

Your assigned group tutor will contact you within 2-5 business days to provide your meeting location.  Once you receive your group tutorial assignment, you are also welcome to reach out directly to your tutor. If you have not heard from your tutor within a week or for any other concerns, please contact

If you forget to print the Tutor Request Form before submission, print a blank form and complete Step #3

If you do not return the signed Tutor Request Form, you will not be matched with a tutor.

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