Group Tutorial

How do I sign up for a Group Tutorial?

Beginning on June 29th, you may go here to view all available Group Tutorials for Summer Session II and join a group. 

What are Group Tutorials? 

A Group Tutorial is a small group of 2-5 students that meets once a week for one hour. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis to all Duke undergraduate students enrolled in a course for which we offer tutoring. Once you have placed yourself within a Group Tutorial, you may immediately reach out to your tutor to obtain details about your session.

What courses have Group Tutorials?

The ARC provides free Group Tutorials for introductory-level mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, engineering, languages and computer science courses.

Additional Information on Group Tutorials

Students can participate in one Group Tutorial per semester, with the exception of foreign language groups. If you are participating in a Group Tutorial for a foreign language course, then you may also participate in one additional Group Tutorial that semester, for a total of two Group Tutorials.

Tutorial services begin after add/drop period and end on the last day of classes. 

No tutorial services are offered during Spring, Fall, Thanksgiving, and Winter breaks.

Additional Tutoring Resources

Beyond our services, students are welcome to visit tutoring/study options offered by the various departments at Duke. These include: