Peer Tutor Interview & Orientation Info

Peer Tutor Interviews

Submit your completed application prior to scheduling your online interview.  The instructor recommendation can arrive after the interview.

Summer I, Summer II, and Fall Tutor Recruitment




12:30pm - 2:20pm


Tuesdays & Thursdays


Schedule your Zoom interview here.  Your instructor recommendation can arrive after your interview.

Interviewing earlier during the recruitment period increases your employment options. Selected tutors will be required to attend an orientation and, at least two, professional development training. You will be asked to choose one of the dates and times listed below. 

Peer Tutor Orientation and Professional Development

After you have been selected to become a peer tutor, you will be required to attend one of the mandatory orientations and, at least, two professional development trainings. 

Fall Orientation Dates & Times

To Be Announced

Fall Professional Development Trainings

To Be Announced                

Tutor Recruitment - Current Courses

Prior to your interview, please check below for our most current listing of hiring needs. We are currently in need of tutors for the following courses and semesters:

Biology Summer I:  --               Summer II:  --                Fall:  
Chemistry Summer I:  --               Summer II:  --                Fall:  101DL, 110DL
Computer Science Summer I:  --               Summer II:   --               Fall:  101L, 201
Economics Summer I:   201          Summer II:  --                Fall:  101D, 201
Foreign Language (All 200 Level) Summer I:  --               Summer II:  --                Fall:  Arabic
Math Summer I:  202, 212, 216 Summer II:  216     Fall: 106L, 111L,  202D, 212D, 216
Physics Summer I:  141, 142   Summer II: 141, 142    Fall: 152       
Psychology Summer I:  --                Summer II:  --                Fall:  --
Statistics Summer I:  101            Summer II:  101            Fall:  101, 199L