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Below are a series of articles, tools and links to help you maximize your academic capabilities. These include materials generated by Learning Consultants at the ARC, as well as non-Duke experts. Using the menu below, you may filter this material to view information on the following topics:


Open Book Exams (Video)

Open Book Exams with Academic Resource Center Logo
Sep 16, 2020

Check out our video on strategies for taking open book exams. Still have questions? Talk with a learning consultant       read more about Open Book Exams (Video) »

ARCTech: GoBoard (Video)

ARC Tech Tools & Tips GoBoard
Aug 27, 2020

A brief overview of the collaborative whiteboard, GoBoard - a great resource for collaborative studying online, with tools and a reference library for STEM subjects. read more about ARCTech: GoBoard (Video) »

How Do You Manage Your Time? (Video)

woman standing next to calendar words on screen "How do you manage your time?"
Aug 27, 2020

Learning Consultant, Suzanne Crifo, talks through how to put together a weekly calendar, and important things to consider when thinking about your time.   read more about How Do You Manage Your Time? (Video) »

Semester Calendar - Fall 2020

Aug 06, 2020

Fall 2020 - Semester Calendar We know things are changing - a lot. Use this downloadable calendar  to plan out your deadlines and milestones for the Fall 2020 Semester. read more about Semester Calendar - Fall 2020 »

Learning Online - Student Guide Fall 2020

Learning online guide screenshot
Aug 02, 2020

Learning online unquestionably different than learning in a classroom. Use this guide to get started and help you identify what you need to do the best you can this semester.    ... read more about Learning Online - Student Guide Fall 2020 »

Learning Online - Student Guide

Learning Online
Mar 15, 2020

Spring 2020 will be memorable, but it does not have to feel impossible. We know that everything is changing right now, including where and how you learn. Use this guide to help you navigate navigate this new mode of learning.... read more about Learning Online - Student Guide »

Intro To Zoom

Mar 13, 2020

Getting Started with Zoom   We know you've been hearing a lot about Zoom right now. Here are some first steps to get started!    Go to duke.zoom.us and Sign In (the third link on the page) to Zoom using your NetID... read more about Intro To Zoom »

Planning Calendars

Calendar Image
Mar 13, 2020

These planning calendars can be used in any number of ways! Plan your week for each class on one page (1 course/row) Plan the next 1- 4 weeks in one place Identify and differentiate what is due and what you have to do Create different priority levels And more!... read more about Planning Calendars »

Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar Tool
Mar 13, 2020

A downloadable PDF to manage and plan your week. Download ARC Weekly Calendar Template read more about Weekly Calendar »

Semester Calendar

Screenshot of Semester Calendar
Jan 02, 2020

A semester-long downloadable calendar for you to use to plan out your deadlines and milestones for the entire semester.    read more about Semester Calendar »

Not All Stress is Bad

Left side: emoticons with title Is Stress Always Bad? Right side: Image of Dr. Bridgette Hard.
Dec 05, 2019

Psychology professor, Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard talks about different types of stress, and how the night-before-the-exam stress can actually be helpful!  read more about Not All Stress is Bad »

Final Exam Planner

Image of Final Exam Planner Document
Dec 05, 2019

Ready to study for finals, but not sure where to start?    Use this Final Exam Planner... read more about Final Exam Planner »

Preparing for Finals

Image of Do the Best On The Test Sheet
Nov 26, 2019

  DO THE BEST ON THE TEST HOW TO PREP FOR A FINAL     Before the Final: Prepare KNOW THE EXAM: the content, format, and % of final course grade DISCONNECT: limit distractions (social media, texting, emails, Netflix). decrease work hours, say NO when needed STUDY... read more about Preparing for Finals »

Study Strategies That Work

Strategies Poster
Jan 22, 2019

Self-testing Make flash cards to drill yourself on key terms, vocabulary, and formulas. Take quizzes or practice tests whenever you can. Work problems at the end of textbook chapters as you study. Distributed practice It is better to learn in increments over time rather than attempt to cram content... read more about Study Strategies That Work »

How Do I Use Past Exams?

How Do I Use Past Exams?
Jan 05, 2018

There is a lot to learn from returned exams. Looking over past exams you can: Understand how the professor writes exam questions - if you are clear on what and how your professor asks questions will make it easier (and faster!) to interpret them on your next exam. Clarify... read more about How Do I Use Past Exams?  »

How to Manage Your Time More Effectively (According to Machines) TEDEd

How to Manage Your Time More Effectively (According to Machines) TEDEd
Jan 05, 2018

Let’s Begin… Human beings and computers alike share the challenge of how to get as much done as possible in a limited time. Over the last fifty or so years, computer scientists... read more about How to Manage Your Time More Effectively (According to Machines) TEDEd »