We believe academic success is best achieved as part of a community of learners. To this end, we offer two learning opportunities facilitated by a peer educator: Peer Tutoring and SAGE Learning Communities.

Study Connect is a service where we connect you with other students to form un-facilitated study groups.

Our peer educators are students like you! They understand your challenges and they are eager to help you learn. Peer educators have been highly successful in the courses they lead, and they are trained in current tutoring practices and strategies,

We offer groups for many introductory courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, languages, mathematics, and physics. Check out our Peer Education Courses page to see the specific courses offered.

Groups are scheduled at different times throughout the week, so you can select the day and time that works best for you.

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Learn how to sign up for SAGE, Peer Tutoring and Study Connect. Check out our Guidelines for important information about enrolling, such as when sign-ups start,  and attendance expectations.

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Important information on enrolling and attending Peer Education services.



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Peer Education Services

Learn more about all the Peer Education services offered by the ARC, and the benefits of participating in them!

Peer Tutoring

A tutoring group consists of 2-5 students in the same course who meet weekly with a Peer Tutor. The peer tutoring groups are a resource focused on allowing students to receive additional support for questions they have on the course content while still being part of a community of fellow learners. Peer tutors communicate with students in advance of the meetings so that they can be responsive to student needs during the group meetings.

Get Started - go here for sign-up instructions and enrollment information.

Penji Peer Tutoring - go directly to the Peer Tutoring community in Penji to sign-up for a group


SAGE Learning Communities

The STEM Advancement Through Group Education (SAGE) program is an opportunity for students to work with 6-10 students in the same course. Each group meets weekly with a Peer Facilitator. The Peer Education Team coordinates with faculty of the course to ensure that the groups engage with content closely correlated with the course. SAGE helps students learn effective STEM study strategies, provides extra support for the challenging material in the course, and fosters a collaborative community of learners. SAGE students are highly motivated, want to establish a critical foundation for STEM learning at Duke, and are interested in learning in a community with other students.

Benefits and Outcomes for SAGE Participants:

  • a strong sense of belonging via academic community and peer mentorship
  • guidance in accessing and managing campus resources
  • acquisition of multiple learning skills and techniques
  • deep engagement with course content
  • honed observation, analysis, and communication skills
  • increased self-awareness
  • increased capacities to self-manage as independent and collaborative learners and leaders
  • confidence as a college STEM student

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Penji SAGE- go directly to the SAGE community in Penji to sign-up for a group.

Study Connect

We can help connect you with your classmates so you can form your own study groups either virtually or in-person. You can also find students interested in silent study sessions or in preparing for the GRE or MCAT.

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