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Peer Tutoring & SAGE Sign Up
  1. Log in to Penji 
    • Access Penji with your Duke email to sign up for either tutoring groups or SAGE learning communities. You may need to choose Learn then choose the community if it is your first time logging in to Penji.
    • Use these links to navigate directly to each community:

Peer Tutoring Penji Community
SAGE Penji Community

Once you are in a Penji Community, you can navigate between communities using the links on the left.

  1. Sign Up for a group 
    • Check the top left to make sure you are in the correct Penji community (Peer Tutoring or SAGE).
    • Click the Sign Up button on the Left Menu.
    • Select the appropriate Sign-up for Group Tutoring or SAGE Groups button on the right.
    • Select your course. If you don’t see it, choose Edit and search for your course.
    • Sign up for a group.
    • If your class is not available, you can join a waitlist or check back later to see if more groups are added.
  1. Connect with your Peer Educator 

You will receive a confirmation email listing your assigned group, peer educator’s name, and location information. Your tutor or facilitator should email you before your first meeting to connect but feel free to reach out to them in advance too.

Study Connect Sign Up

To connect you with other students in your classes:

  1. Complete this form.
  1. You will receive an email from an ARC staff member with 2-4 other student names and additional information that will help you identify a day and time to meet.
  1. Once group members determine the day, time, and location of their meeting, we request that one member please email these details to
  1. Start your online study group meetings!



 Peer education services begin after the add/drop period and end on the last day of class.

  To join a peer education group, you must be currently enrolled in that course here at Duke.

 You can join groups for multiple courses, but you are not allowed to enroll in multiple groups of the same service for the same course. Examples:

      • Peer tutoring group for CHEM101 and peer tutoring group for MATH111 – OK!
      • Peer tutoring group for CHEM101 and SAGE group for CHEM101 – OK!
      • Two peer tutoring groups and/or two SAGE groups for CHEM101 – Not permitted

 Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

 Waitlists are also prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis and take into consideration whether a student is not already enrolled in a peer education service for that course.

 If you withdraw from a course, you will no longer be eligible to participate in groups for that course.

 If you determine that you no longer wish to participate in a group, please remove yourself from the group so that others may take advantage of the opportunity. To do this, go to the upcoming event in Penji. After clicking on the event, click on the three dots and choose “Leave event.” Here is a video for visual reference:

Attendance and Meetings

It is expected that you will attend all meetings for the groups you join.

If you are unable to attend a group meeting, you must inform your tutor/facilitator at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting. You will accrue “no-shows” in the following cases:

    • You miss a meeting without informing your tutor/facilitator in advance.
    • You cancel within 24 hours of the meeting.
    • You arrive more than 20 minutes late for your group meeting.

 After three no-shows, your access to peer education services will be revoked for the semester.

Helpful Reminders

  • There are no services offered during school breaks.
  • Be sure to check your email regularly for updates from your tutor/facilitator about any location or timing changes.
  • Arrive prepared for your group meetings (read class materials, attempt to do homework assignments, and prepare questions).
  • Bring course materials (text, lecture notes, etc) with you to your tutoring sessions.


Have questions? Drop us an email!