What Happens in a Learning Consultation?

A learning consultation is a one-on-one meeting with a professional ARC staff member.

The default length of a learning consultation is 45 minutes. Need more or less time? No problem! Let us know and we will work with you so you get the amount of time you need.

We start by asking a few questions to learn more about you. We’ll talk about why you’re meeting with us, and identify what you want and how we can work with you to achieve that. Even if you aren’t sure, we know how to ask the questions that will help us both better understand and navigate what’s going on.

Topics we might discuss include:

  • what you’re doing in your courses
  • what your time looks like
  • motivations
  • challenges
  • goals

After the first meeting, you might leave with:

  • strategies to try
  • resources
  • awareness of new areas of learning
  • tools to try out
  • new perspectives
  • goals
  • action steps

A lot of the work happens after learning consultation, so a follow-up meeting is a great opportunity to check in and see what worked and what didn’t. We can use that information to figure out where to go from there.

Want to meet with a different learning consultant? No problem! While it can be helpful to follow-up with the same consultant, there are a number of reasons you might want to meet with someone else, so feel free to schedule with anyone of us.

Preparing for Your Meeting

The main thing you need to do for your meeting is be willing to engage. Working with the ARC is a partnership — we want to listen and hear who you are, and how we can best facilitate your academic experience.

Go here to learn more about getting ready for your first meeting with a learning consultant.