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Looking for a specific learning consultant? You will be able to choose your learning consultant, or schedule with any available learning consultant, using the link above.
If you have questions, or would like to speak with an ARC staff member, please call us at 919-684-5917 or email us at

Want to learn more about how you learn?
Check out our course on the Science of Learning at Duke! 

SOLD: The Science of Learning at Duke (EDUC 150) is a half-credit course designed to empower you to become an active, strategic learner at Duke and beyond.  Grounded in the learning sciences, you will discover well-researched strategies and techniques that will give you a rich understanding of best practices and create new pathways for your growth. Course topics will include self-management, strategic learning, self-awareness, interdependence, and well-being. Throughout the semester, you will explore your unique approach to learning and apply strategies specific to you.  Offered: Summer I & Fall 2023 Credit: .5