Group Tutorial

Steps to Join a Group


icon hand choosing star1. Identify Your Course

Search the table at the bottom of the page to find out if a group tutorial is available for your course.

Though not currently listed on the website or the form linked below, we will have group tutorials for Math 111L, Math 212, and Spanish 100 Level Courses. We will post this availability in the scheduling form as soon as it is available.


icon signup form2. Sign-Up for a group

Click here to fill out the form with your requested group tutorial time.


icon email opening3. Connect with your Tutor

Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email listing your assigned Group Tutorial and tutor's name. Your tutor will contact you with the meeting location.


icon group connecting4. Meet with your group

Meet with your tutor and group at the designated time.

Tutorial services begin after Drop/add period and end on the last day of classes. For Summer Session I (2021), tutoring will open for scheduling on May 14th.

No tutorial services are offered during breaks.

Additional Tutoring Resources

Beyond our services, students are welcome to visit tutoring/study options offered by the various departments at Duke. These include: