Faculty and staff who have concerns about undergraduate students in their courses may contact the ARC at 919-684-5917, or email us at theARC@duke.edu. In certain situations, the ARC may initiate contact with a student to explore his or her needs and offer support. Normally, however, students referred to the Academic Resource Center are expected to schedule their own appointments by calling 919-684-5917.

Students are referred to the ARC for a variety of reasons, including to:

  • Identify strengths, challenges and strategies
  • learn strategies for specific class formats (flipped, lecture, seminar, etc.)
  • get a peer tutor or find a study group
  • identify support for students with LD/ADHD

Referral Process

We always recommend you speak with the student first, and suggest they contact the ARC to make an appointment. You can also call us at 919-684-5917 to let us know that you have referred the student, and for what reason. However, we strongly prefer that the student make the appointment.


Other ARC Services

The ARC provides a range of services to students, faculty, TA’s and others in the Duke Community. You can always feel free to contact us as well by calling (919)-684-5917.

Faculty and staff who would like to learn more about what the ARC offers, or to discuss how to assist student learning in their courses may contact us at 919-684-5917 or email us at theARC@duke.edu.